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Bridgette's Blog - Mary Weatherford Art Show

Last weekend I went to check out the Mary Weatherford art show at David Kordansky Gallery. Her show is titled “Like the Land Loves the Sea.” I knew of Mary Weatherford’s artwork as I attended her “artist talk” at California College of the Arts in 2014. I remember her presentation vividly because her paintings are very unique and specific. She graces the surfaces of her paintings with a single neon strip of light. David Kordansky Gallery in Los Angeles is one of my favorites. Artist’s work is well represented, as the aesthetic and structural space is used. Pictured above are some of my favorite paintings from the show. From top to bottom they are titled: Emerald Underwater, City and Blue Cut Fire. Find Out More:

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Bridgette's Blog - NYC Interior Design Collaboration

Here’s a brief synopsis about how the custom painting process works:

An interior designer based in New York City contacted me via email. She wanted an 18x 18 painting that matched a specific color scheme. Her client requested a replication of a painting she liked on my website. The designer sent me the fabric swatch, and I then adjusted the color scheme to recreate the painting using the colors in the fabric.

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Bridgette's Blog - Antelope Valley

My friend Diana and I took a day trip to see the sprouting poppies located in Antelope Valley. Due to the extra rain we received in LA this winter all of the desert flowers are blooming more than ever before! After getting coffee at Alfred’s on Melrose Place we drove about 90 minutes to Antelope Valley. We found most of the poppies, along with many other wildflower enthusiasts, on top of a large hill. While on top of this hill we noticed a bright green patch of grass off in the distance. We got in the car and drove to this new location. Not only were there less people at the new spot, the grass was much greener, and we did not have to pay for parking. Best advice: drive around the area outside of the park until you find your very own patch of poppies! To top off our adventure, Diana and I ate a nice lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel poolside café. It was a perfect day exploring LA!

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Bridgette's Blog - Small Series

I decided to create a collection of smaller paintings to be sold at the Price Style & Design Showroom opening. This “extra” project opened up my art practice to a new process. I can test out a painting by first making a smaller painting/sketch on 14” x 17” paper. If the smaller study is successful I can then translate the painting to my standard 18" x 24" scale. This new practice will help me conserve time and supplies. Smaller works will be for sale on my website, hopefully by May 6th.

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Bridgette's Blog - April Art Styling

I developed a new style and composition for my next Serena & Lily Art Collection. My favorite paintings in this new body of work are shown in the top three images. I used more paint and applied it in a thicker relaxed manner. These paintings are inspired by images of bridal bouquets. A variety of flowers in the initial inspiration image allows for more mark making, color and range within each painting. I hope to create more paintings in this style. I also think it would be great to start painting bridal bouquets for people to give as wedding gifts! Perhaps I will add this idea to my website where I can show the image of the bouquet and the painting side by side.

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Bridgette's Blog - Serena & Lily April Art Collection

Six of my framed floral paintings were selected for Serena and Lily's April Art Collection. Shop here… Serena & Lily Art Collection.


Bridgette's Blog - Matthew Chambers Floral Paintings

I hope to be more involved in the LA art community. Recently, I have made it a point to visit painting exhibitions. One of my favorite art shows thus far, I stumbled upon accidentally. I was looking to attend a show by one of my CCA professors, Terri Friedman, at Acme Gallery, but when my boyfriend and I arrived at the location, we were informed Acme had moved across LA to the East Side. The trip was not completely ruined because Praz-Delavallade Gallery took over the old Acme Gallery space. Currently on view is a floral painting show by the artist Matthew Chambers. His paintings are executed in such a fresh contemporary way. The loose gestural painting style is superbly effective.

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Bridgette's Blog - The Flower Fields

I had been fantasizing about visiting The Flower Fields in San Diego for a few years. I remember driving by The Flower Fields as a child when my family was on vacation. The perfect visiting opportunity arose when my brother came to see me in LA and needed a ride south to San Diego for his Spring Break. If you are traveling to The Flower Fields from LA, I recommend timing your drive to miss as much traffic as possible. We made sure to leave LA after morning traffic around 10:00 AM, and I made my way back to LA before evening rush hour traffic. The Flower Fields were amazing! There were quite a lot of people walking around the property and taking photos. There is a complimentary tractor tour for visitors. Before heading home I indulged in a delicious chocolate/vanilla soft-serve from the snack bar. There is truly nothing better than ice cream and flowers, so why not combine the two? The entrance fee was around $14 for the day - totally worth the price!

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