Bridgette's Blog - Abbot Kinney Festival

My roommate, Christiana, and I participated in the Abbot Kinney Festival this past September. We each have our own areas of expertise and brought them together to create an art booth called Paint and Petals. The Abbot Kinney Festival took place a couple of blocks from our house. Many vendors created beautiful displays. We were super excited to partner together because although our businesses sell different merchandise, our aesthetics proved to fit together seamlessly. Christiana is branching into freelance floral design, and I obviously love to paint flowers. It was fulfilling for me to visualize and execute a mini retail space. I gained much insight on how to improve my product and brand by seeing customers interact with my paintings in person. By selling my work at the Abbott Kinney Festival, I realized I would love to get involved in setting up more farmers’ market booths. I am also looking to sell my paintings to interior design companies. Please keep me in mind if you know of any business owners or designers looking to decorate homes with handcrafted bright beach house paintings. On a side note, if you are a small business owner, want to network with a creative crowd or would love to get feedback about a product you’re selling, I would recommend starting by hosting your own farmer’s market booth.


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