Bridgette's Blog - Street Side

Last year I moved to Venice in Los Angeles County. For those of you who have visited Venice you know what a truly colorful city it is. Literally, every wall is painted with a bright mural. Looking to get in on all of the street-art fun, I decided to create a floral stencil in hopes of using it on my first mural. I drove a couple of blocks to Blick’s Art Supply and purchased about seven cans of Montana Spray Paint. Venice is unique in that there are many alleyways and small side streets, making it a mural artist’s paradise. I set up shop right behind my house and spray-painted my first work of this nature. I learned so much about the different variables that come into play when spray painting outside and in an open area. The lighter-colored spray-paint did not show up well on the wall, so I had to stick to the darker colors I had purchased. Also, a textured wall makes the image less sharp. I hope to create larger pieces in the future, and I wish to take some of the new image-making techniques I learned back to the canvas.


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