Bridgette's Blog - Serena & Lily Feature

Serena & Lily is an interior design company based in Sausalito, California. Although they too are “from” the Bay Area, I initially found out about the company five years ago in Lake Tahoe. At that time, my Aunt Holly was decorating her Lake Tahoe home with numerous items, mostly bedding, from the site. Holly, who has enthusiastically supported my painting career, allowed me to use her Lake Tahoe property as a painting studio one summer. She told me to check out ‘Artist Spotlights’ on the Serena & Lily website. Soon after when I was studying at California College of the Arts, I emailed featured artists on Serena & Lily. I inquired about their careers and how they became connected to the brand. Although I was studying graphic design my love for painting was growing stronger by the day. The artwork on Serena & Lily proved to be so influential, guiding me to change courses and major in Painting & Drawing. When I graduated, I was compelled to contact Serena & Lily about featuring my work. Seeing my artwork on Serena & Lily was a dream of mine. This past December my dream became a reality; the company posted four of my paintings.


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