Bridgette's Blog - Take One


Hi, It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to my blog. This will be a format for me discuss my passions ranging from artists that I have recently discovered to my own visual findings and everything in between. My blog will feature a behind the scenes look into my studio and offer insight to my current projects as well as my warm up sketches and color experimentations. 

I recently relocated to LA and I have had barely any time to paint. Currently, I am seeking and interviewing for a fashion design job either in editorial styling, product development or digital marketing. If you were previously familiar with my website you may have noticed that there have been some major formatting changes as well as the edition of this blog. It is my hope that this new start will help me to focus on continuing to create my own art as well as to stay motivated to visit all of the amazing LA galleries in hopes of discovering new sources of inspiration. I cannot wait to share more of my art shop occurrences and creative projects with my readers.