Bridgette's Blog - Post Card Series

Throughout my college career, my instructors encouraged me to create large and intricate paintings. After my senior show was completed I felt exhausted. Spending numerous hours alone focusing on transforming a massive blank canvas into a complex painting felt more like a job than a project fueled by passion.  After I graduated, I sought to rediscover my love for painting, which led me back to the basics. I swapped out my large canvases for paper and fell back in love with creating carefree small pieces of art. These smaller studies felt natural and intuitive to create.  I could focus on color, creating different brushstrokes and constructing new forms. The images above are from a series of compositions that I painted in one of my favorite classes taught by the professional artist Christopher Brown. In addition to creating large-scale paintings, he also required us to work on small index cards. Chris guided us through this exercise when we visited his private studio in Berkeley and he challenged us to convert 160 plain note cards into something beautiful by the end of the semester.


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