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Last weekend my roommate Christiana and I went to check out the gallery Venus over LA! The trip was so refreshing and made me excited to explore more galleries. The outside of the gallery is covered by an immense mural created by Katherine Bernhardt entitled “Fruit Salad.” Bernhardt’s work was a major factor in my motivation to visit this particular gallery. In the summer of 2013 I had the opportunity to have a studio visit with Bernhardt in NYC and left the meeting completely in awe of her tropical relaxed style of painting. Her mural on the outside of Venus over LA, at the very least, can only be described as a SHOW STOPPER. It is on par with the trends that dominate today’s contemporary art market but her relaxed style of rendering pushes the boundaries of what qualifies as “great art.” I strongly suggest that you check her out on social media. Her carefree style of painting aligns with her lifestyle that is characterized by her edgy IDGAF attitude.


Once you pull yourself away from Bernhardt’s mural and enter the gallery, you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the works of Danny Fuller. Fuller’s photography exhibit is entitled “Liquid Horizon” which features aquatic themed photographs. I have been obsessed with his “Insta Famous” family for the past few months. Danny is a professional surfer and is married to the model Tori Praver, who owns and designs Tori Praver Swimwear in Malibu. The bright yet foggy dream-like photographs are large scale and impeccably displayed. They are framed in a square format, which evokes comparisons to the current day cropping trends largely driven by Instagram. Each image engulfs the viewer, pulling them into an aquatic world. His artist statement mentions that his photographs share similarities to the paintings by Mark Rothko. I completely agree that the captivating photographs draw similarities to the color blocking within Rothko's paintings. However, I feel that the color blocking is where the resemblance ends. While undeniably appealing, Fuller’s beautiful and extremely commercial images lack the historical and physical depth of a Rothko painting. Over a week later, I’m still captivated by the show and the artists that were featured. Up next at Venus Over LA, Dan McCarthy’s show will be featured on September 19th!


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