Bridgette's Blog - Street Side Garden

After scrolling through my website you may have noticed that my subject matter is primarily focused on floral forms. Despite the fact that I’ve experimented with an array of other subject matter, I ultimately find myself being drawn back to incorporating flowers into my art. Their beauty not only captivates me but their numerous varieties allow me to experiment with color, composition and organic shape. 

For those of you who know me, you likely know about my obsession with coffee. As a result, I’m frequently traveling between my home in Venice to the one of the numerous local coffee shops that you can find on almost every street corner in the area. Despite the fact that obtaining coffee is the ultimate goal of my commute, the walk is never wasted; my morning journey is sprinkled with tropical floral forms that provide a never-ending source of inspiration. For the past couple of years I have been photographing flowers and as a result what you see on my canvases is usually something breathtaking that I stumbled upon during my simple morning routine. Each location I’ve lived has offered me something new to focus on. Whether it’s the bright hibiscuses in Venice or the dignified white and pink English roses in Northern California, I’m never short of alluring material.