Bridgette's Blog - Small Business Saturday

I had so much fun styling my new triangle shelf. It hangs to the left of my bed. Front and center you can see one of my Paint and Petals greeting cards. To the right of my card is a mini ceramic shark head from Lorien Stern. I purchased two of her sculptures because I am seriously OBSESSED. She makes larger shark heads and other ceramic sculptures too. I originally saw her work on Instagram. This fall she hosted a Pop Up Shop at Urban Outfitters in Newport. Of course, I drove down to meet her in person! We started talking art, and it turns out we went to the same college, California College of the Arts. Lorien is a full time artist. I am inspired by her to do the same.

Paint and Petals Greeting Cards: $6.00 -

Lorien Stern Mini Shark Head: $50.00 -

Triangle Shelves @messerguitars $40.00

XO Bridgette

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