Bridgette's Blog - Home/Made Kitchen

Home/Made Kitchen is a small café and catering service located in Moraga, CA, where I grew up. Showing my artwork at Home/Made Kitchen was a long time coming. I spoke with a friend over a year ago about showing my work in the space. At that time, I was planning on moving to LA as well as looking for a full time job, so organizing the show proved to be difficult. My mom recently went to lunch at Home/Made Kitchen and recommended I reach out to set something up. The timing could not have been more perfect. A few weeks later I drove back to the Bay Area and hung my artwork. The morning after hanging my paintings, friends and family stopped by to check out the work and catchup. We drank lattes and ate breakfast. My Aunt Kimberly was so sweet and baked ginger snap cookies for everyone to take home. Over the past year I have developed a new style of painting. I have also learned my art showings are more successful if my paintings have a cohesive scale, subject matter and style of rendering. Having small showings allows me to gain perspective on how each piece looks hung next to each other. I love figuring out how to arrange paintings in a new space, creating a rhythm of color and pattern on the wall. My artwork will be on display at Home/Made Kitchen until the end of April. When I go back up to the Bay Area to pick up my work, I hope to check out the Oscar de la Renta exhibition at the De Young.