Bridgette's Blog - Serena & Lily Take 2

On March 1st Serena & Lily posted five more of my paintings. I always look forward to the first of each month when they update the website with new inventory. I thought I would share a bit about the process of creating my paintings and the process of generating & submitting images of my work. I find inspiration for my paintings mainly from photographs, both my own and other’s. I love sourcing visual inspiration from websites like Pinterest and Tumblr. I paint just about every weekend at my home here in Venice. Once a painting, is complete, I trim it down to fit into a standardized frame, 18x24. I remove the glass from the frame in order to photograph my piece without glare. I set up two lights: one on the left and one on the right of the painting. I take multiple pictures with my Nikon D90. I cycle through this process with every piece and choose the best pictures for submission. Anything I submit may be chosen for the following month’s display online. The glass is replaced in each frame when the photos are complete. As the end of March approaches I am eager to see what paintings are selected for April. On a personal note: l ultimately wish to be a full-time painter managing my own fine art website and supplying additional interior decorating companies with my artwork.