Bridgette's Blog - Paint & Petals X Anthropologie

These past couple of months have been all about the ‘Pop Up Shop’. I showcased my new line of greeting cards along with my prints at Anthropologie, The Grove in Los Angeles. My greeting cards, inspired from my larger floral paintings, proved to be a hit at Anthro! It was strategic having a product with a more affordable price point for customers. My display was located directly near the check out line. This placement within the store was perfect for selling my cards. A majority of the sales were to women who were buying presents for their friends. One of my favorite things about participating in a pop up shop is planning the table display. I enjoy thinking about what products I should sell and how they should be arranged. Fresh flowers are something I have at each pop up shop too - it’s all about the flowers after all! I arrange each bouquet the night before the event. My future goal is to sell my cards and paintings online through Anthropologie or in their retail stores!


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