Bridgette's Blog - Paint & Petals X Anthropologie Take 2

My second pop up shop in the month of September was at Anthropologie in Santa Monica. This time around I was placed at the front of the shop. My set-up was relatively the same as the previous weekend. I released one new card style for this event (pictured above). My parents and cousin, Valentina, were able to stop by and see the show too! It was such a treat having them in LA for the weekend. After my stint at Anthropologie we went to eat tacos and drink margaritas at Blue Plate Taco on Ocean Ave. Generally, I am thrilled to have launched my stationary line. Now I am looking for new ways to expand my sales and broaden my audience. Most of my cards are now available for purchase on my site. I am looking into participating in the National Stationary Show in New York this May. 


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