Bridgette's Blog - Antelope Valley

My friend Diana and I took a day trip to see the sprouting poppies located in Antelope Valley. Due to the extra rain we received in LA this winter all of the desert flowers are blooming more than ever before! After getting coffee at Alfred’s on Melrose Place we drove about 90 minutes to Antelope Valley. We found most of the poppies, along with many other wildflower enthusiasts, on top of a large hill. While on top of this hill we noticed a bright green patch of grass off in the distance. We got in the car and drove to this new location. Not only were there less people at the new spot, the grass was much greener, and we did not have to pay for parking. Best advice: drive around the area outside of the park until you find your very own patch of poppies! To top off our adventure, Diana and I ate a nice lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel poolside café. It was a perfect day exploring LA!

XO Bridgette