Bridgette's Blog - Stepping Out: My First Interior Mural

I was thrilled to travel to Incline Village for a three-day mural project in a beautiful home on the shores of North Lake Tahoe. This was the first interior mural I have painted, and it was modeled after one of my favorite paintings: Confetti. 

The mural included an array of roses, pennies and daisies, spaced evenly across a light periwinkle blue canvas; that is - a 20 foot wall that required a steep latter and scaffolding to reach. Although this project was at times challenging, it was a great learning experience and I’m excited to create more murals in the future.

The Process 

To cover the expanse of the wall, each flower was painted roughly one foot in length. The first step was gathering my favorite photos of flowers. To do this, I collected images from both from my personal photo collection as well as Pinterest. I made sure each print was the same size so that they would look uniform on the wall. Next, I used stencils to trace an outline of each flower, there were more than 30. This ensured each flower was spaced evenly apart before I began painting.


My supplies consisted of printed flowers on paper, carbon transfer paper, a pencil, paint brushes, my favorite gouache paint, water cups and pallet plates. I use Acryla paint, and recommend the brand holbeinartistmaterials.


One of the highlights from this project was traveling from the Bay Area to Lake Tahoe to work with the residents to choose a base color (periwinkle) that tied in with the home’s color palette. To blend the periwinkle with the other colors in the house, which included grays, navy and light shades of blues, I painted the stems of each flowers with shades of green and blue. I also added pops of colors into the petals: pale purples and pinks, and different shades of orange and yellows. 

"It was an absolute joy to have Bridgette paint the mural in our Lake Tahoe home. She kindly traveled from the Bay Area and spent three straight days painting the mural. Bridgette not only exhibits an unsurpassed work ethic and incredible attention to detail, she carries herself with deep grace, compassion, and professionalism. We look forward to having her for future projects."  - Holly Racich, Incline Village, NV 


Creating this mural was the first time that I had an entire room as my canvas. It was a challenging project, but fun and incredibly rewarding. Combined with natural lighting, a chandelier that cast an opalescent glow, and exquisite views of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra in its background, I couldn’t be happier with how this mural turned out.

XO Bridgette 


To learn more about having a mural painted in your home, please submit an inquire through my about page.

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