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I love seeing a newly designed space and thinking about how I can conceptually add to it by making a unique painting that's personalized to the people who live there. I recently created a custom painting for a client in Piedmont, California. The painting was a gift for my client’s husband to showcase his collection of whiskey and scotch bottles. Highlights from this piece include working with the client to choose a color that best fit the room, and learning how to create a more detailed and delicate painting. I’m thrilled with how it came out, and look forward to painting more commissions in the future.

For those who haven’t been, Piedmont is a town hidden within the urban sprawl of Oakland proper. The neighborhood is both charming and unique from East Bay cities, with its spacious homes and beautiful parks. To get there was just a twenty minute drive from my studio.

Getting Started

After my client gave me a tour of the den, we finalized details for the color palette. For the base, we decided on a dark gray to create a more masculine tone. This also matched the gray cabinetry and dark fixtures in the den’s bar. For some added details, I painted several gold elements that matched the gold detailing within the room.

The Process

The size of the canvas was around 24’’ x 36’’. The client chose her husband’s three favorite bottles paired with his tumbler glass to really make it custom to him and what he owns. Because the glass bottles were so intricate, and had different facets and forms, the light which reflected off them was fun to play with. At the same time, it made it more complicated to paint because of the blending it required, as well as the geometry and angles.

All in all, it was a challenge and a great learning opportunity. I’m currently taking orders for new custom work. Please email your inquires to to reserve your space!

XO Bridgette

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